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Using Creative Wedding Ideas To Make Your Wedding Personal

When you fall in love and make the decision to get married, you obviously want your wedding to be as special and unique as your love is. The gorgeous ceremony that you and your fiance put together should be a beautiful reflection of who the two of you are, both individually and as a more..

By utilizing creative wedding ideas, you can make your ceremony a memorable and lovely one, something that your friends and family will fondly recall many years into the future.

Here are just a few examples of creative wedding ideas that you can implement into your own ceremony:

1 – Have friends and family tell special stories about you.

In addition to the photo montage set to music that many couples do, have friends and family pre-record little amusing anecdotes about you and your fiance, or preferably about the two of you together! These sound files can then be professionally edited into your montage.

2 – Have people display original artwork, read original poetry, or perform original music that they have created for the two of you.

In order to really capture your individual spirit, and that of your circle, tap the skills of some of the more creative people that you know and ask them if they will create an original work that, to them, embodies who you and your fiance are together. Then take those original works and display them on your wedding day.

3 – Forgo traditional flowers and decorate the site of the vows in a way that is meaningful to you, specifically.

Flowers are beautiful, but it is only in rare cases that they are personal. Decorate the site of your most sacred vows with objects that are both beautiful and meaningful in order to get the most creative impact from your wedding decor.

4 – In the program, include brief bios of the people in the wedding party.

The people that you have chosen to be in your wedding party are all meaningful to you in some way, but your guests will probably not be aware of all of the connections that are represented there.

By including a brief biography of each member of the wedding party in the program, every person present is able to share in the bonds of love and friendship represented by the people who are standing up with you.

To make an even more personal and poignant statement, have each member of the wedding party include a short message expressing their love and good wishes for the two of you on your wedding day and print them directly below the bios.

5 – Create wedding favors that are personal to you as a couple.

Rather than giving all of your wedding guests impersonal favors, that also often have no practical use, give them something that is meaningful about you and your fiance as a couple. Maybe it is a CD of the music played at your wedding, or it could be a small framed photo from your engagement photo shoot.

Wedding Ideas

Whatever the object of remembrance, it will certainly be more meaningful to your guest than the traditional candied almonds tied in netting with a pastel ribbon!check more from

By tastefully incorporating creative wedding ideas into your ceremony, you can be assured that your wedding will be the perfect reflection of the personality and spirit that you and your fiance embody as a couple!