How to Rent a Limo? What Steps You Must Think About First

How to Rent a Limo? What Steps You Must Think About FirstChoosing a limo service for a special event can be wonderful. Arriving in style in a gorgeous limousine can be amazing and it really makes a person feel that much special too. However, do you know how to rent a limo? Better still, do you know the crucial steps to carry out before you rent the actual limo?

How Many Guests Will Be Using The Limo?

Have you ever hired a limo and found it isn’t big enough for all passengers? It’s not the limousine service fault, especially if you haven’t provided the company with a head count. You can tell them you want to hire a limo but failing to provide a head count will cause you a few headaches. Ideally you need to know the exact number of guests who’ll use the limo and give this number to the rental company. This will ensure the right sizes limo is hired and if the company doesn’t have a large enough limo for all guests, a second can be hired also. Accurate head counts are necessary when renting a limo.

How Long Do You Require The Limo Service For?

You want to rent a limo but that doesn’t mean to say you need it all night and day. The longer you have the limo the more it’ll cost so it’s important to remember this before booking a limo. If you just want the limo to take you to a venue then you probably can get away with maybe two hours at best. You can get the limo to pick everyone up at one location, drop you off at the venue and then pick everyone up again later. This will save you money and it allows others to use the limo when it isn’t in use.


What Is Your Budget?

Another crucial element to think about is how much you have to spend on a limo and what you’re happy to pay. You may have thousands available in the bank but if you aren’t happy to pay over a thousand dollars for a few hours of use when you rent a limo then you need to reconsider the price. It’s probably best to budget for your limo rental and while you may think this is being a bit cheap, it’s actually the smart move. You don’t want to spend more than you want as money is so tight right now. In all honesty, there are lots of top-quality limo rentals available for less than a thousand dollars so don’t worry about your budget too much if it’s on the low side. You’ll still get a limo. Check here.

Go In Search for Local Rental Services with an Excellent Reputation

Once you know a few crucial things about what you require from a limousine service, it’s now important to think about the company you actually hire. Ideally you want an affordable rental service but you also want a rental company that comes highly regarded with an excellent reputation. There are lots of them available today so you have to find out about them and ensure the rental company is right for your special event. Find more in this site :

Helpful Tips When Choosing And Renting Your Limousine

limorental3Cheap limousines do not actually mean ugly limousines but rather a slight older model limousine. Cheap limousines do not differ that much to high class limousine services. The only difference is the model but basically, all things considered, both are almost similar unless you care about the finer things in them like slightly better leg room, entertainment system, arm rest, and more.

For middle class Americans, renting a limousine for cheap is a rare thing. Usually, you only rent a limousine on the biggest occasion of your life. If you happen to find a limousine that is cheap, you are definitely seeing something rare.

Limousines are best used for corporate or gala events, proms, weddings, airport transfer, bachelor parties, and many more. If it’s only your first time hiring a limousine service, I’ve got a few tips for you.


You need to look for their license to operate. Limousine rental companies are required to have license in order for them to operate, depending on what state they’re operating. Make sure that they have the proper license and documentations to ensure that you get quality services.


You don’t expect an accident when you are riding a limo but it is better if you’re covered should it happen. Make sure that the limousine service your hire has insurance coverage. You should read the fine print to see what their coverage are.


Check the reputation of the company you want to hire. You want to make sure that their reputation is good to get your money’s worth. You want something that will make your night memorable.

Reviews and feedback

Do your background check by checking reviews and feedback from their past customers. Read their reviews on how the company conducted their services and if they are professional in doing so. If you see many favorable reviews, you know that the company is really good.

Discount, if any

If you search for discounts on limousine rental, you are bound to find something using the internet. There are many coupons or discount codes that are applicable on many limousine rental company. This can help you save money and use it for something else instead.

Read the contract thoroughly

Read the contract carefully before agreeing to anything. Focus on the fees associated with it to avoid any hidden charges. There are many companies that hide fees on the complexity of their contracts hoping that their customers won’t catch on it. If you read the terms carefully, you can avoid all that and only pay what you agreed to.

Wedding Limousine Top Tips

Wedding Photo Ideas

Here are some things you need to consider when you’re planning you’re planning on your wedding limousine for your special day.

Do you really need a limousine?

There’s nothing wrong with using a vehicle that is not a limousine. You can opt for a sports car if you want as long as it can comfortably sit you and your partner. Of course, a limousine remains a great choice since it allows the bride to get in and out of the vehicle without any problem.

Make sure that the limousine you choose has the right specs

You need to know the dimensions of the limousine to have an idea of how much space you have. Things such as headroom clearance and ease of access should give you an idea of the space inside the vehicle.

What Is In Store for Executive Limousines

Forgo the drinks

While there’s nothing wrong with having a little sip of champagne on your wedding day, it’s better if you avoid drinking wine at least until the reception. It is not uncommon for brides to spill drinks and wines on their bridal wear therefore it is better to avoid it altogether.

Make sure that the chauffeur knows the area

Make certain that the driver knows the routes to the church or wedding reception. He should have an idea of the traffic and many alternate routes in case you get stuck in traffic. You don’t want for your driver to search for alternate routes just minutes before the wedding bells.

Hire a company that is reputable

Read reviews and feedback from business review sites like Google Loca, Yelp, Yellowpages, and more. This should give you an idea of what kind of services to expect from them. Make sure to read both the good and bad reviews to have a two-sided perspective on the reputation of the company.

Select a limousine that closely matches the theme of your wedding

If the look and atmosphere of your wedding is that classical black and white look, then it shouldn’t be a problem. For cultural or unique weddings, you should think of the limousine while planning your wedding. Make sure to rent a vehicle that matches the colors and vibe of the wedding.

Take your time when looking for that perfect wedding limousine. It is your special day after all and you want it to be perfect and special. Surely, one limousine can’t make or break your wedding but that doesn’t make it unimportant. A carefully planned wedding celebration will help make a special day into a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Brides Can Now Have a Fairytale Wedding In the Heart of Disney

Via: BuzzFeed

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He Waited 30 Yrs For Her to Say I DoBut What She Does at the Reception, He NEVER Saw Coming

Her groom was totally STUNNED.

Joan Lyons had her fairy tale come true last Friday as she married her sweetheart in a traditional wedding that was anything but “traditional.”

Her and her now husband, Craig, have been friends for over 30 years, but it wasn’t until 18 months ago that the couple fell in love. Joan literally married her best friend after knowing him all those years.

Along with falling in love the couple found out thatCraighasterminal pancreatic cancer.

To show support for her husband, Joan decided to shave her head during the reception of their wedding.

“On our wedding night, our celebration party will also serve as a fundraising event where I will complete my head shave task in his honor and to honor and support those affected by life limiting illness,” she wrote on her fundraising page.

She’s outlined threeof her favorite charities of who she’s donating her money to.

“Charities such as this rely on public support and funds to help support families and sufferers during difficult times. Please help us to help others, no matter how big or small, every penny matters and will be received with heartfelt thanks.”

Craig opened up about the first time he saw his wifewith her shaved head:

“It was obviously the first time I had seen Joan without her hair and she looked beautiful, absolutely stunning,” he said in an interview. “I fell in love with her as soon as I set my eyes on her when we were 14. I was a bit shy about it and Joan has been married previously, but it has always been about Joan for me. She is the woman of my dreams.”

Kimberly Struth, one of the photographers who captured the event, said the night was full of emotional moments.

“To be honest, it was one of the happiest weddings I’ve ever been involved in. The mood was upbeat and positive,” Kimberley Struth told TODAY. “The bride actually was the smiliest bride, the happiest bride, I’d ever had.”

Struth’s photography company donated their services through a company called Gift of a Wedding, a charity that provides free weddings to people with terminal illnesses.

What was expected to be a very sorrowful night turned into a powerful statement of life, love and making the most of the moments we do have left.

If you’d like to help the Lyons family you can donate by clicking here!

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What Is In Store for Executive Limousines

An executive luxury limousine is a vehicle that crafted to be elegant and beautiful. The term that I can say is fitting for this type of vehicle is awe-inspiring. However, with the recent moves in the automobile industry, the future of executive limousine is currently in limbo.

Unlike many automobile car models, you won’t see a yearly remodeling or reproduction of most executive limousine vehicle. The executive limousine industry is a small part of the market and a widespread advertisement campaign. The only time you will see executive limousine models is if you specifically go to a dealer and request for it. Nonetheless, currently there is very limited amount of knowledge about their state. For wedding limo ideas, click here.


Many people are asking whether the executive limousine car revolution has reached a dead-end. A lot of people are thinking that because of the focus in mainstream vehicle market, there’s no more innovation waiting to happen to the limousine industry.

From its surge in popularity in the 1980s to now, nothing much has changed. Surely, a lot of technology is incorporated to even a normal limousine ride but from luxurious point of view, most of what makes it great was included from its inception. This includes:

  • Luxurious seats
  • Spacious
  • Air Conditioning
  • Entertainment system
  • Television
  • Possibly a bar
  • Comfort
  • Ample Leg room

As you can see, all of the things that made limousine great were already included from its inception (as I’ve said before). However, that doesn’t mean innovation is stopping for this particular type of vehicle. The only reason you are unaware of the innovation is it happens ever so slowly that it simple goes unnoticed.

What’s in store for the executive limousine industry?

The expansion in hybrid and electrical driving systems is finally here. After what felt like eternity, the hybrid car industry is finally making its presence felt. It is backed by many industry leaders and is being pushed strongly by the technological leaders of this era. Especially now that climate change is beginning to take an obvious toll to our way of life, the need for a technological advancement in terms of energy usage is becoming mightily high.

The direction we are going to today is towards a greener and cleaner future. We are slowly moving away from our fuel-guzzling ways to a more sustainable way of life. Obviously, many people are still crazy about horsepower and torque specification of the car but we are becoming aware of its effects on the environment. A movement like this, even slowly, will have a big effect on generations to come.

The next big step for exclusive limousine is becoming driverless. While it will be many years off, we are slowly accepting the possibility that within the next decades most cars would be driverless. Currently, many tech companies have started their own research into this driverless car industry. The results are surprising to say the least. If you don’t know yet, there are many driverless cars being driven today and they have never caused an accident. Surely, there are instances where the car is involved in an accident but as reported by the research companies, there have been 0% instance of the driverless car being the cause of the accident. That is surprising and promising at the same time.

Indeed, the future looks bright for the automobile industry. If you are thinking of the current lack of innovation in cars today, you just aren’t paying attention. If you look hard enough, you will see that many innovations are coming our way in years to come. To read more about the limousine industry, please visit Lorain Limousine Services.

7 Special Occasions to rent a limo for

submain-limo-hire (1)

If you’ve ever considered a limo service, it was probably for the prom. However, the scope of limo rental services goes far beyond, and today we’re looking at some of the other reasons you may opt for limousine hire.

Designated Driver in Style with a limo service

One of the major reasons to use a limo service is that you always have the security of knowing that your driver is safe, sane and sober. This is a great opportunity for things like Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. Not only can you all hop in and out together, but you have access to the LCD screens, backseat bar and entertainment systems of the limo on the way there. Most limo rental’s even offer party buses for larger crowds. Keep it cool with games, catered food and even dancing on the way to your destinations.

Classic Wedding Glamour

Of course, like the prom, a wedding is probably the first thing that sprang to mind when you thought of limo hire. Arrive in style, and add a touch of old school glamour to the day with a full service limo.

Milestone Birthdays

You’re only 21 once, after all. As with bachelorette parties, a milestone birthday limo service ensures you have a dedicated driver, so all the party goers need to worry about is the best ways to have fun. For sweet 16s, however, remember that no alcohol will be allowed on board because of minors. Anxious moms and dads, however, also have added peace of mind. Check here.

The Prom

Of course. The classic reason to hire a limo service- the big night of your school going years. Seen by many as a rite of passage to the adult world, a chauffeured limo ride again adds extra safety to the evening while ensuring your child rides in style. While the usual bar services don’t run with minors on board, most limo rental companies have special packages for teens to help them celebrate. (For more information visit this site : )


What could be snazzier then kicking back and letting yourself be chauffeured to the next stop on your itinerary? Already a classic for wine tours so n driving is required, almost any tour- foreign cities included- can be made over with the addition of a limo service. You can relax on the way and fully enjoy your destinations

Night at the theatre

Similar to tours, a night out with friends at the theatre in a limo rental can add considerably to an evening. Imagine getting all glammed up, sipping wine o the way there and then heading into the ballet or opera? Bliss!

Shuttle Services

Most limo rentals will also offer airport shuttle services. Not only does that mean someone is always around to help with bags, it will help keep you on time and ensure you arrive at the airport in style.

There’s more to limo rental services then just the prom, and they can play a part in getting you to your destinations safely and in style for a host of other special occasions. When it comes to a limo service, you’re limited only be your imagination.

What You Need To Know When Choosing The Right Wedding Limo

Choosing the perfect limousine for your special day is actually not that important to be honest. There are more important things to worry about on your wedding but choosing a limousine isn’t really a priority. However, if you really want to make your day extra special, you should definitely think about getting a limousine that captures your feelings. Although you can do away with a simple limousine service, having that perfect car on your special day is worth the effort.

Here are the things you need to do when getting a wedding limousine.

  1. Make your reservation at least 6 months early (earlier if it’s wedding season)

You should make your reservation after you’ve settled on your wedding date (usually about 6 months before the actual wedding). If you are planning on having your wedding during the wedding peak season, June to September, you should probably make your reservations 3 months earlier than usual. You can still reserve a limousine using the 6 month rule but during wedding peak season, your selection will be limited if you make your reservation a bit late.

  1. Be creative

The usual wedding car of choice is the white stretch limo. This is the go-to choice for a traditional glam wedding. If you are not feeling that white stretch limo appeal, you can opt for the classy choice and go with that Rolls-Royce car. Whatever your choice is, you can’t go wrong as long as you are comfortable and happy with your choice.

  1. Check the vehicle before the actual wedding day

To make sure that everything is perfect on the wedding date, check the car prior to the actual wedding day. Check the interior if it really looks as advertised. Check the exterior for any damage or blemish that is noticeable. Make sure to get your money’s worth by ensuring the quality of your ride.

  1. Know their rules and regulations

Understand the terms and regulations of the contract before signing anything. For instance, some companies won’t allow decorations on their vehicle especially if it is a vintage car. Some companies won’t even allow taking a photo inside of the vehicle. Overall, make sure that you know all their rules before signing anything.

  1. Check the limo’s electronics

Limousines have good audio and video system on the interior. Make sure to check whether you can play your own music inside the vehicle. If you can, check their electronic system to make sure that you can use it if you wish to.

If you really want to ensure that your wedding limo is of top quality, you don’t need to limit yourself with these 5 tips. Just like shopping for items, you just need to use your common sense to ensure the quality of the item – in this case, to ensure the quality of what you’re renting.



When you want to have best limo service it is obviously a difficult task for you to select the best company; like if you go to the market and you want to purchase a single dress but the best one. The variety and different features make you confuse while buying cars. In transportation there is a big risk if you purchase any of the vehicles on your own. Don’t take risk and just take help of best company which facilitate you in this regard.

There are some of the key points that you must keep in mind while searching for the best limo service.

Evaluation of the company;

It is necessary to evaluate the company’s previous work and experience. You can ask about it from non-based economy. Check the reviews of the company from the web as the comments shown. The best services of them and the comments of people must be considered.


Experience also counts a lot:

The newer company doesn’t have much experience and knowledge about the transportation. You have to go with the company that has long time familiarity in this field. Also visit our top article here. It is not necessary that new firm cannot do it well you can also check them if they have best workers.


Big companies have more choice for you. They offer variety of vehicles like Mercedes, cars, jeeps, high roof buses, and trolleys. The company who has more to tell you must be the best one for you. Small companies give you less variety to choose for.

Discuss well before taking for the rent:

If you want a vehicle for the wedding ceremony or for reception you can take it on rent. Limo rental services are working for it. At this time you must visit many of the limo rental companies and the vehicles they have. It is surely in the best condition. Discuss it well with the concern person about the vehicle you want to take on rent.


Before taking any car on rent you have to calculate your budget first. The diesel bill, the pay you will give to rent the driver and the rent. If it is affordable for you and in your range take it. Otherwise search any other company as their rates are different.


It is also necessary to ask about the best limousine service from your friends, family members or neighbor. They give you the best information about the best company.

Valid company:

After searching all of them select the company that has valid and legal verification. Don’t go with an unauthorized company due to cheap rate. It became a big risk for you. A legal company gives you the right vehicle which has legal documents. If you are not satisfied with the information also visit this link . A legal limousine service is preferable for you than an illegal cheap service.

When you consider all these tips and gather all the information before purchasing any vehicle or taking on rent. Don’t trust any limo service without having confirmation as it can be big risk for you in future.


Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding Photo Ideas

Photography is an important aspect in every wedding celebration. It helps to retain memories of the most amazing moment in the life of a couple. This is the reason that wedding photographs are meant to capture some of the most touching, humorous or interesting moments occurring during a wedding celebration. Most weddings might seem the same and many wedding photographers don’t have the insight to create unique and interesting photos of the wedding ceremony. It takes a photographer with a trained and skilled eye to apply creative Wedding Photo Ideas and capture the moments that will make the photographs really a pleasure to look at for years to come.

Focus on emotions

The secret behind getting some of the best wedding photos is to capture the very real emotions that people usually experience at such an occasion. This is especially true of the bride, groom and their immediate family. A bride’s face is especially a rainbow of emotions during a wedding celebration and there are many emotional shades appearing on her face. There is of course the joy of being united with the one she loves, but there could also be sadness at losing her family. Then there is the excitement of stepping into a whole new world and a lot more. The groom may not experience such a myriad of emotions, but his face will also be like a study on such an occasion. Then the near and dear ones of the couple have their own shares of emotions. A wedding photographer is supposed to capture all these fleeting emotions at the right moment. This is one of the best wedding photo other details from

Avoid posing too much

Many people want themselves to be photographed in a particular pose, which is alright to some extent. However, if you keep repeating the pose again and again it will end up in a boring wedding album. Hence while capturing routine photos the photographer should avoid too much posting. Instead, the guests and family members should be photographed while naturally going about their business so that the gestures come out looking natural.

Be romantic and creative

Wedding photos are a special gift for the couple getting married. They will undoubtedly feel the nostalgia of all those romantic moments when they see their wedding album in the years to come. Therefore, in order to make the wedding album a real treasure for the bride and groom, you should use a proper blend of romance and creativity in order to come up with good wedding photo ideas.

In order to attain this goal, you will need to capture many romantic moments between the bride and the groom. You can take the help of some natural sites around the wedding venue. For instance, you can capture the private moments spent by the couple in a boat, the bride and groom kissing each other with the sun setting behind them etc. The bride and groom often like to steal some moments away from the guests and just be with each other. You can take advantage of these moments and capture them in romantic photographs.

Keep in mind the opinion of the bride and groom

Every couple has some specific dreams about the day of their wedding, and most of them go out of their way to live out their dreams on that special day. They go to great length, planning and preparing much in advance to make this occasion memorable for themselves as well as the guests attending the ceremony. They also have some preconceived Wedding Photo Ideas that they want to see displayed in their photo album. This is why a wedding photographer should always take their opinion and learn about their preferences. All these points of view should be incorporated in the wedding photos.

Wedding Photo Ideas

Using the equipment to the fullest

Apart from these tips it is also good to keep in mind that nowadays camera equipment is very advanced and create a lot of different effects. A wedding photographer should be skilled enough to utilize all the special features of the equipment to his or her benefit. Proper use of camera equipment will ensure great photos that are not only good in the subjects and moments that they capture but also be great in quality.