Don’t Book Your Wedding Venue Until…

Are you planning a wedding and don’t know where to start? You’re not this first and you won’t be the last! There are a number of things to consider besides the obvious, like a photo booth rental for your guest to document their experiences for years to come! Let’s get started…

Look at the logistics when planning

Especially if you’re considering a photo booth rental, it’s good to take many factors of an actual wedding venue into account. The first thing to do is to sit down with your fianc√© and create a guest list. Be honest with yourself about how many guest you want to invite. The amount of people you’re expecting, especially those that have confirmed with your RSVP cards, will have a significant impact on choosing a venue. Also consider the season you’re planning on getting married (inside or outside venue? change of rain or inclement weather?).

If there’s even a chance of rain, you’ll need to make sure your photo booth is safe as it will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Check with your venue to see if there are other accommodations they can provide in the case of rain or even snow. Another major thing to consider is if you have any guests with disabilities – they may require accommodations like ramps that need to be taken under consideration. The good news is that most of them can fit just fine in a photo booth! See more here!!

Plan your style and theme

Before really going all out with planning, it’s important to really sit down and think about and discuss a theme. This includes not only your color scheme but also the style in which you’re planning to run things. Does a photo booth fit into your theme? Can you provide fun hats and clothing options to match? This also helps with choosing your venue. If you’re really into “wild west,” for instance, a venue with roman columns won’t work for your wedding.

Look at whether these venues provide full service and whether or not you can ask them to wear something specific to match the theme of your wedding. Sticking with the above theme, consider cowboy hats? You can also toss a few cowboy hats into your photo booth and make a collage with the resulting pictures. It may seem silly, but those small details equal a beautiful and engaging wedding that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. Think about tablecloths, linens, napkins… what type of food will you be serving? Do you want waiters or a buffet? What do you want your cake to look like and can you have to made to fit the theme of your wedding as well? Consider everything!

When planning your wedding, there are a variety of important things to take under consideration. How many people will attend, what season you’re getting married in and whether or not you want extra things like a photo booth rental should all be taken into consideration! See more here¬†

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