How to Create a Simple Photo Booth.

Photography is an important part of our life that has been advancing over the years. People need photos for important occasions such as weddings or just for fun. For that reason, photo booth rental industry has grown over the years. There are people who rent out their photo booth to you when you need it for your wedding or any other occasion. Instead of renting a photo booth you can also make your own simple photo booth and save the money used in renting. There is no specific way to create a photo booth. However, if you will like the method described below, you may adopt it.

What you need:

  • Light sources.
  • A remote
  • Props
  • Basic digital Camera or a smartphone with a good camera.
  • Wrapping paper or cloth.
  • Family and friends.

The lights.

The sources of lights are placed opposite each other at the sides of the photo booth. They help to remove shadows to produce a clearly lit photo booth. Find pocket-friendly lights that are available on the market such as Alien Bees. If you are using a smartphone, you can also put on the flashlight to add more light.


The background is made using a backdrop which can be wrapping paper, a piece of cloth or a sheet. You can set up a structure to hold up the background or simply attach the material (wrapping paper, cloth, and sheet) to the wall. After that, you can decorate the background with what every writing or art you like. If it is a birthday, you may write “Happy birthday”.

The camera.

The camera is set to focus on all points since there would be group photos and single photos and people will be all over the booth others not even properly standing. This will ensure that everyone is captured in the photo. You should also set the type of image you want the camera to take. It can be jpeg, jpg or gif. You also need a tripod stand that is long enough to extend to the eye level to make the resulting pictures appealing to the eye.

Use a wider lens when the background is wide. You can also place the camera further to cover the entire background perfectly.

The remote.

Buy a simple remote which everyone can use to control the camera when they what to take photos. A remote shutter is the best as you do not need a camera person. Everyone can take photos as they like, and you will have time to enjoy the event or party. The remote can be attached using a cable or it can be operated wirelessly. Whichever method you prefer. You can carry a backup remote in case one fails.

The props.

You can make these for yourself to add fun to your photo session.

These days a photo booth is an important part of weddings and other parties such as baby showers and birthdays. You should be able to create your own booth using the variety of means available, decorate it as you like and take awesome pictures. visit  this sites : /

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